Botany, 6th Edition Awarded 2017 New England Book Show College Print Single!

Bookbuilders of Boston announced Botany: An Introduction to Plant Biology, Sixth Edition by James D. Mauseth the 60th Annual New England Book Show College Print Single!

The recently published plant biology text book received a 2017 Acknowledgement of Excellence awarded by the jury of the New England Book Show in recognition of Excellence in Graphic Arts.

Congratulations to the team who created this stunning book, especially the talented Kristin E. Parker for the winning text design:
VP, Executive Publisher: David D. Cella
Executive Editor: Matthew Kane
Associate Editor: Audrey Schwinn
Associate Production Editors: Alex Schab, Jamie Dinh Reynolds
Marketing Manager: Lindsay White
Manufacturing and Inventory Control Supervisor: Amy Bacus
Cover and Text Design: Kristin E. Parker
Production Specialist: Carolyn Downer
Rights & Media Specialist: Jamey O’Quinn
Media Development Editor: Shannon Sheehan
Media Development Editor: Troy Liston

About Bookbuilders of Boston (
Founded in 1937, Bookbuilders of Boston has been dedicated to bringing together people involved in publishing and manufacturing books throughout New England. We are a nonprofit organization that offers a forum to exchange information, learn about newest technologies, and to promote improvements in the quality of books. The New England Book Show is now in its 60th year, and has been treasured by publishing professionals as a wonderful opportunity to gather and recognize the outstanding work done by New England publishers, printers, graphic designers, and developers.

The New England Book Show is a juried event that features a number of categories, including trade, juvenile, college and more, for work in both print and digital media. Finalists are selected for their design and production, and are displayed at a festive dinner where attendees receive a handsome, student-designed catalog.

The 60th Annual New England Book Show will be held at Boston’s Symphony Hall on May 9, 2017.

Visit our site to learn more about this award-winning text.

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