A New Edition of Criminalistics will Publish August 15th

The Standard in Forensic Science Fundamentals

Criminalistics continues to set the standard for the fundamentals of forensic science in a new, updated fourth edition. The essentials to a foundational understanding of forensic science are all there, including fingerprint identification, DNA, ballistics, detection of forgeries, forensic toxicology, computer forensics, and the identification and analysis of illicit drugs. The Fourth Edition features new contemporary case studies, updated statistics, and extended coverage of footwear impressions. Updated discussions on cell phone Breathalyzer technology and familial DNA keep students on the forefront of cutting-edge forensic science research and developments. The most comprehensive, accessible, and thorough text of its kind, Criminalistics: Forensic Science, Crime, and Terrorism, Fourth Edition is an exciting resource for undergraduate students entering the ever-evolving field of forensic science.

This is what one professor had to say about Criminalistics,

 “I am not an expert in this field, however as a digital forensics specialist, I need to have the knowledge of forensic science and [Criminalistics: Forensic Science, Crime, and Terrorism] has helped me to achieve that. I would like to thank the author for this great book and the way he made it simple for any reader to understand. I found it fascinating and I will recommend this book to anyone who is interested in forensic science.”

—Kenny Awuson-David, digital forensics lecturer,
Birmingham City University, United Kingdom

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