5 Stars for the 7th Edition of the Classic Text: Umiker’s Management Skills for the New Health Care Supervisor

Doody Enterprises book review service has given a perfect score of 100 (5 stars) to the new 7th edition of the classic text, Umiker’s Management Skills for the New Health Care Supervisor.

“This is a comprehensive, well-written, and insightful book. It covers a wide variety of pertinent topics, such as change, discipline problems, communication both spoken and written, holding meetings, burnout…” said the reviewer, Cynthia L. Cummings, EdD, RN, CHSE, CNE of the University of North Florida Brooks College of Health.

Umiker's Management Skills for the New Health Care Supervisor, 7/e

A Perfect Score of 100 (5 Stars) for Umiker’s Management Skills for the New Health Care Supervisor, 7/e

Authored by Chuck McConnell since its 5th edition, the book is written primarily for those who have little to no management training. It offers practical suggestions for improving effectiveness, both as a supervisor and as an organization. Ideal for students in undergraduate, community, and career college programs, Mr. McConnell maintains Dr. William Umiker’s clear, jargon-free writing style.

The Seventh Edition includes a new chapter on “Supervising in a Union Environment” that explores why employees turn to unions, how supervisors must act during union organizing, and how a supervisor’s role is affected when it becomes necessary to interact with a union on a day-to-day basis.

This revision also offers new examples, case scenarios, or expanded information on many topics including: basic management functions, the origins of performance standards, the interview process, workplace safety, motivational theory, chronic absenteeism, stress and decision making, the Balanced Budget Act of 1997, and the Affordable Care Act of 2010.

The full review is available at the Doody’s Enterprises website.


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